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Are You Making These 10 Mistakes On Your Résumé?

Are you making these mistakes on your résumé? Chances are, you’re making at least one or two — if not more! Go through this checklist and mark which mistakes you’re currently making — and then follow the suggestions to learn how to stop making that mistake!

Mistakes Checklist

[ ] Being Unclear About Your Job Target. Have a goal in mind for what job you’re pursuing and be ruthless about what you choose to include on your résumé. For each position you’re interested in, before you submit your résumé, review it and make sure everything listed relates to the role you’re pursuing.

[ ] Confusing Your Résumé With a Career History. A résumé is not a “career obituary” listing everything you’ve ever done. You can keep a master career document that includes all of your education, experience, certifications, accomplishments, etc. — but excerpt that content to create a marketing document that is focused specifically on the job target you’re