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How to Create Compelling Career Stories

You've landed the job interview, now what? Now it is time to prepare yourself for the interview. The purpose of job interviews are for employers to get to know you, asses your skills, gain more insight into your career background, and determine good fit for the role that is to be filled.

Several companies rely on the STAR method to gain necessary information during job interviews to better understand your skillset and how it may align.

A great way to prepare for your next job interview using the STAR method is to define the STAR method and practicing responding to potential interview questions using the STAR method.

Below are tips and points on how you can Create a Compelling Career Story during your next job interview using the STAR method.

  • Develop a format to structure your responses to interview questions by using the STAR format to create STAR stories.

  • Use the STAR formula to describe your accomplishments — outline the Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

  • You can also add an optional section at the end of your STAR story: Reflection. What were the lessons learned from the situation? If the resul