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So You want to Work Remotely?

How to Ask to Work Remotely

Use this script to request to work remotely instead of in the office.


  • Before you ask to work remotely, do some self-examination. Do you have the temperament to work remotely?

  • Do you have the physical capabilities at home to enable remote work?

  • Does your company already allow remote work?

  • Do you already have the opportunity to work from home occasionally?

  • Have you already successfully worked remotely?

Make the Ask:

[Boss name], I’d like to talk with you about working from home two days a week. Can we set up a time to discuss this in further detail?

[Customize your request for the number of days you’re wanting to work remotely.]

Can we schedule a time in the next week to discuss that?

[Choose a timeframe that works for you and your boss.]

How It Might Sound:

You: Greg, with winter approaching, I’d like to talk with you about the possibility of working from home two days per week. I think I proved during the pandemic that I could be effective working remotely, and I’d like to set up a time later this week to talk to you about this in further detail.

Boss: Sure, we can talk about that. How’s Friday at 11?

You: That works for me. Do you want me to put together a proposal in writing?

Boss: That would be great.

You: Perfect. I’ll put that together and we can talk about it on Friday.

Try this out and get back to us on your experience!

- Brianna

The Art of Negotiation

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Our Jobseekers Guide to Salary Negotiation is filled with expert knowledge on how to prepare for your ask including a raise. Broken down in simplest form and full of stats and facts about employers when it comes to the art of negotiating.


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