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I reached out to Brianna to give my resume a look with a fresh pair of eyes. Brianna was honest with me that my resume wasn’t as bad as I thought but could benefit from a few improvements. Sure enough, Brianna skills allowed her to return my resume with a clean and sleek look subtracting unnecessary details and filled spaces. Her recommendations helped transition my resume to exemplify my skills and what I contributed to organizations versus simply stating the task I completed during my employment. After receiving her services, I received more than 4 jobs interviews and have the luxury of being picky as I decide which role I’ll will accept in the near future. Brianna is highly endorsed by me as her skills are of quality, sufficient and worthy!

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I used Brianna’s services for a resume and cover letter, that has landed me a job promotion with an increase in salary of 20k. I truly appreciate the way she was so tentative to details and even followed up with me (more than once) to ensure I was satisfied and if I needed anything else. A+ customer service. I will be back if I ever need anything else

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Jacques Toussaint

When I first started my Job Search in May I was submitting resumes and cover letters and wasn’t receiving any call back for interviews. Everyday I received the “Thank You for your interest in employment” email. I was getting really frustrated and really down about the job search process. I reached out to Brianna and asked her for advice on how I can possibly be more appealing to employers and she asked to look at my resume and Cover letter she then returned it to me with corrections within 48 hours of submitting it to her.  Within two weeks of submitting my new resume and cover letter to jobs I started receiving emails for phone interviews, then the phone interviews turned into In-Person interviews. I recently received 3 Job offers within the same week. I am forever thankful for Brianna and her services.